Rebecca Reilly Rebecca Reilly
02 August 1995
San Francisco, CA
Rebecca Reilly has worked as a bicycle messenger for the past three years in six different cities. She collects tales of adventure and jeopardy on the job for a book about bicycle messengers that she hopes to publish someday.
Henry Rose Henry Rose
08 August 1990
Los Angeles, CA
The professional identities of Henry Rose include engineer, attorney at law, and corporate executive. A commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve, he is also an inveterate world traveler. We meet him returning to his home after a day at the office.
Joanna Pfeiffer Joanna Pfeiffer
15 June 1990
Los Angeles, CA
Joanna Pfeiffer, at nine years, is a fourth grade student in the Open Magnet School. As an alternative to the backpack and pouch that she wears to school every day, she prefers a shoulder bag for extracurricular occasions.
Tom Bihn Tom Bihn
30 May 1995
Santa Cruz, CA
Tom Bihn was eleven when he first made a back pack. Each bag that bears his label is not only designed by Tom, but also constructed with his own hands. Tom uses a bicycle for personal transportation and for shuttling materials crosstown between his cutting room and his shop.
Philip Morrison Philip Morrison
22 March 1994
Cambridge, MA
Astronomer Philip Morrison has been mentor to a generation of the world's leading physicists. During thirty years tenure as Professor at MIT, he has also edited the book review column of Scientific American and written books that share his own provocative insights about science, technology, and culture.
Phylis Morrison Phylis Morrison
23 March 1994
Cambridge, MA
Phylis Morrison makes things. Bags are just some of them. She also writes books and designs exhibits. She teaches science and art to children and their teachers in classrooms, museums, and other places where they have the opportunity to make her acquaintance.
Michael Attie Michael Attie
25 July 1988
Hollywood, CA
Michael Attie is the proprietor of an erotic clothing store on Hollywood Boulevard. As a result of his father's death, Michael recently relinquished a pastoral life in northern California and returned home to take charge of the family business.
William Bagnell William E.H. Bagnell
06 April 1995
London, England
Captain William Bagnell is a soldier in Her Majesty's Household Guard. Duties of a cavalry officer include exercising the horses every morning at dawn. For this detail he dresses in khaki. A typical day in the life of Captain Bagnell requires four changes of uniform.
Wanda Coleman Wanda Coleman
12 November 1988
Hollywood, CA
Poet, cultural activist, and mother of three, Wanda Coleman grew up in Watts. Her determination to become a writer was forged in the aftermath of the August 1965 Rebellion. Mad Dog Black Lady and African Sleeping Sickness are two volumes in the prolific series of poetry, stories, and nonfiction that she has published.
Thelma Gehry Thelma Gehry
20 October 1989
Los Angeles, CA
Thelma Gehry was a girl when she left Poland. Years later she married, raised two children, moved from Toronto to Los Angeles, and worked as an interior decorator. At the age of 85 she is never far from her handbag, even though excursions outside the apartment have become less frequent. She customarily packs part of a sandwich in the event of hunger, and she never travels without candy.
Jennifer Gonzalez Jennifer Gonzalez
20 March 1994
Boston, MA
Jennifer Gonzalez mixes art with academia in an intellectual project that encompasses theories of feminism, artistic production, and visual culture. We meet her preparing to set out for the library, where she spends spare afternoons pursuing a fascination with historical images of cyborgs in art and science fiction.
Bettie Hauck Betty Hauck
08 January 1989
Santa Monica, CA
Betty Hauck is a musician who plays viola with the Apple Hill Chamber Players. A life of concert tours includes countless airport layovers and nights in hotels. Betty regards the shoulderbag she carries as her home away from home--referring to a cottage in rural New Hampshire where she returns between trips.
Walter Humphries Walter Humphries
01 April 1997
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Walt Humphries has prospected for minerals more than 25 years. Prospecting expeditions often involve working alone in harsh environments that are remote from any human settlement, and the prospector's survival skills rely on intimate acquaintance with the land. Back home in Yellowknife Walt writes a newspaper column entitled "Tales from the Dump"--chronicling seasonal patterns of a community's detritus.
Judith Leiber Judith Leiber
27 July 1995
New York, NY
Judith Leiber creates glamorous little bags which adorn the evening costumes of movie stars, first ladies, and princesses. A celebrated perfectionist who began her career in the craft guilds of Hungary, Mrs. Leiber oversees the construction of each and every bag she designs. With an apartment strategically situated within walking distance of her manufacturing business and showroom, she can always get to work without a car.
Doreen Nelson Doreen Nelson
09 July 1988
Brentwood, CA
With the method she calls 'City Building Education', Doreen Nelson has integrated principles of architecture and design arts in the curriculum of basic education. Doreen sometimes uses her handbag as a teaching tool--to remind teachers that design is a fundamental attribute of human being, or point out to students that everything can have a logical container.
Chris O'Brien Chris O'Brien
02 April 1997
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Chris O'Brien is an environmentalist who lives in town and works in an office during the week. He regularly walks to the office, even during winter when temperatures in this subarctic outpost drop below -40 degrees. Most weekends Chris treks several miles on snowshoes to a teepee that he has erected in the wilderness.
Fred Sangris Fred Sangris
03 April 1997
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Fred Sangris is a Native American of the Dene nation. His family's diet depends on fish and game that he captures in the wild. During winter he hunts with a dog team and toboggan. Although motorized sleds may be faster and require no feeding, Fred points out that the dogs are endowed with keen sense of direction, and they are not subject to mechanical breakdowns.
  Jill Wright
May 1990
Hollywood, CA 27
Poet, performance artist, storyteller, wife of Tony, and mother of three, Jill Wright refers to a combination of fabulous, unlikely, mundane, and mythological circumstances in the construction of her personal story. Bags can contain stories, too. Jill would like to regard the bag she carries every day as part of her body, but acknowledges that her recent purchase is a poor fit.
David York
21 March 1991
West Hollywood, CA
An actor who began life in London, David York confesses that he always had trouble with pockets and dislikes the extra degrees of containment and extraction that wallets entail. The fanny pack David has recently adopted was a free gift from the health club, awarded for introducing a friend during last year's membership drive.
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